Sell Security Company Accounts and Contracts

Many people do not realize they can stay in business and keep the ownership of their entire security alarm company, but knowing how to sell their security services or some of their accounts can help them raise capital to grow their business, pay down debt, buy out a partner, etc. If you have monitoring contracts, we have buyers for them.


Selling security alarm company accounts can be a great option for sellers that are interested in raising capital, by cashing in on part of their assets, without selling the entire company. Please take advantage of our free assessment to find out how much your alarm company is worth, then contact our security consulting services to confidentially assess your situation further with one of our brokers. We do not charge for this service.

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“Jim and his team are true professionals! They walked us through every step from A to Z and my husband and I could not be more thankful. There is no one better at what they do than Legacy.”
Susan W., Riverside, CA

“I have sold thousands of alarm systems but I have never sold an alarm company and it’s a very different animal. I did not know what deferred revenue, attrition caps, seller indemnification, and true-ups were until I started this process with Legacy. Having a professional broker paid us back many times more than their small fee.”
Kelly S., Tampa, FL

“I had a pretty large base of customers with solid RMR but no contracts. Others told me I had no value but Legacy Security said No Contracts, No Problem. What a great service they offer”   Ricardo E., Waco, TX

“No more round-the-clock calls from frantic customers and the “what if” fear of owning a company that deals with the protection of life and property. All I can say is Thank God I sold and retired. My life is finally mine again”

Stephen A., Everett. WA

“Having a broker that has been in the industry for 30 years and who used to own his own large alarm company made a world of difference. Other brokers come from the finance world and just wanted to piggy back on my life’s work. I see why Jim named his company Legacy because he really found the right buyer who will carry on our “Legacy” indefinitely.”
Milton R., Boston MA

“I wanted to raise money but not get out of the industry at this time. Legacy helped me sell a group of accounts at a great multiple and I still maintained ownership of my company and everything else. Couldn’t be happier”
Mike P., Provo, UT

“In the same way ADT drastically reduced the installation dollars from our industry, Simpli-Safe and the DIY companies are going to do the same to the RMR dollars. That’s why we decided to sell and cash in now. Legacy made that happen at a very high multiple.”

Lorenzo & Charlotte, Scottsdale, AZ 

“I think Jim being a former owner with thousands of his own monitored accounts made him understand the unusual connection and concern we had with selling our company to just anyone. His honest and straightforward advice was refreshing and appreciated. He found us the best buyer at the best price. I could not give a higher recommendation than Legacy Security. Thanks to Jim and his team!”
Phil & Marilynn, Edina, MN

“My biggest concern by far was confidentiality. If my customers, employees or competitors got wind that I was thinking of selling, it could be devastating. Jim and his close knit team provided absolute discretion right down to the moment we closed and funded. Nothing was jeopardized and my wife and I are comfortably retired in Boca.”
Saul & Sarah G., Millburn, NJ