Buy a Security and Fire Alarm Company or Business for Sale

Whether you have recently decided to expand your security alarm business or you are a seasoned expert at alarm company acquisitions, Legacy Consulting can connect you with security contracts or fire alarm companies for sale that fit the parameters and requirements you need to build up your own alarm business With our considerable experience and our extensive confidential associations, we will provide assistance with negotiations, locate and contact potential acquisition companies in the areas you desire to expand, aid in the due diligence process, and help you to finance a security company or locate financing as needed.


With a comprehensive knowledge of this business, we know how to best help you to achieve your goals. We can assist you through the labyrinth of data and research needed to find suitable security businesses for sale, and we will help prepare you for a successful close.


We realize that it is awkward for you to call your security or fire alarm company competitors in your expanding markets and ask them if they are for sale. Let us approach competitors on your behalf. When we represent you as a third party, we find that most alarm company owners’ talk to us more comfortably than if you were to contact them directly. We also believe that working with a professional firm like ours –focused exclusively on alarm companies –greatly enhances your probability of a successful acquisition.


As a third party in the negotiation, we contact potential security alarm company sellers on your behalf, and then provide you all of the financial information necessary to construct your offer. Our goal is to establish a professional relationship with the buyers, and look out for your best interest throughout the process.

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Call us at (800) 755-9243 to learn how we can best match you with quality security or fire alarm companies for sale that meet your investment criteria.


We will also provide you with a confidential and free evaluation showing how Legacy Security Consulting can strategically assist you with your acquisition goals. Contact our security consulting services to learn more.

Opportunities for aquiring security and fire alarm companies for sale continue to fluctuate. Because of confidentiality concerns we are unable to provide a traditional format in which we can list all available security businesses for sale. Let us know which regions you are intending to expand and we will connect you with all active security alarm business listings in those areas.

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