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Why Hire a Broker

Why Hire a Broker

Learn more about us and how we can help you maximize the value of your security alarm business.

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Ask Us Anything

Whether you are selling your security alarm company or selling your security alarm accounts, there are a lot of variables to consider.

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Need Help Selling Your Security Alarm Company?

Selling your alarm company can be a complex undertaking, especially if you are a first time seller.  You are the best and brightest in this industry, when you are ready to sell, you should expect your security company broker to be the best as well.  Our firm’s sole purpose is to position and market your company so you sell your security company efficiently and for a substantial profit.  All the while providing absolute confidentiality, to obtain the highest possible price for your security alarm business.

Like you, our brokers were previously founders and owners of large alarm companies before selling their businesses at a record high rate. We want to show you how to do the same!  Legacy’s brokers know this industry inside and out.  Our mission is to maximize your opportunities when you are ready to sell.

Most alarm company owners will only have the experience of selling their company once, yet they are bargaining with corporations that are highly skilled in acquisition negotiations.  Lack of experienced representation will cost you money!  Our brokers know how to negotiate on your behalf to get the highest possible rate for your security business.  Oftentimes the “multiple” or selling price is not the high water mark.  The terms and conditions of the deal can considerably enhance or diminish the value of your overall agreement.

You want someone that will do more than just refer you to potential buyers.  We evaluate and prequalify all prospective buyers to help you find a perfect fit for the future operator of your endeavor.

We know the importance of confidentiality not just during the marketing and sale of your business, but afterwards as well.  Unlike other brokers, Legacy will never advertise the completed sale of your company to generate future business for ourselves! 

Legacy is unique because we have personally been in your position.  Whether you are ready to sell now or wanting to plan your future exit strategy, we can help you capitalize on your greatest achievement.

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What Does It Cost To Utilize Your Services?

Generally speaking, the seller pays the broker’s fee or commission on each transaction.  This is based on the realistic assumption that having professional representation will increase your overall price.  In most cases, the broker’s fee is recovered many times over when compared to a seller trying to market his company alone.  Our brokers can also coordinate financing though various industry specific lenders which not only contribute to a higher price but will also expedite the closing.

In rare cases, buyers who are seeking a specific acquisition in a particular market will contract with Legacy Consulting to find these companies.  In which case, the buyer would pay all or part of our fee.  In either event, the fee is paid at closing, usually through escrow.
Sellers are usually responsible for travel related expenses associated with the direct marketing of their company.